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About us


IDAK Holding AG is a successful, market-oriented holding company which owns independent and established companies in the field of food production. With their products and services, all the portfolio companies are positioned in the premium sector and chiefly focus on frozen foods.

IDAK team


Christof Lehmann Borner


Andrea Ghia

CEO Margherita Srl

Lukas Waller


Doris Hämmerli

Head Strategy and Transformation
IDAK Holding AG

Daniele Bianchet

COO Margherita Srl

Valeria Cornacchione

International Sales Director Margherita Srl

Thierry Krebs

Head of Innovation & Quality KADI AG

Yvonne Richard

Managing Director Tyym AG

Stephen Schaub


Gianluca Spadazzi

CFO Margherita Srl

Tommaso Zago

R&D Manager Margherita Srl

Marco Martelli

Invision AG, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Markus Widmer

Invision AG, Board of Directors

Philipp von Mitzlaff

Nord Holding AG, Board of Directors

Jan Philipp Wilckens

Nord Holding AG, Board of Directors

Christof Lehmann Borner

IDAK Holding AG, Board of Directors

«We are passionate about our promise to deliver ‘food delight’ for the everyday enjoyment of our customers and consumers.»

Christof Lehmann Borner, CEO IDAK Holding

Our companies


As a broad-based and market-oriented group of companies, IDAK Holding ensures the sustainable corporate development of its portfolio companies. These are characterized by an excellent and sustainable market reputation together with international growth potential.


Based in Langenthal and well known throughout Switzerland, KADI AG has been an innovative manufacturer of high-quality potato products and other frozen specialities for the professional catering sector ever since it was first founded in 1951. With around 180 employees, the company generates annual sales of CHF 80m.


Founded in 2001, Margherita Srl is a premium pizza manufacturer from north-eastern Italy (Fregona). The company specializes in the production of frozen pizzas and pizza snacks. Sales and distribution occur both in Italy and especially abroad. The company employs around 400 people and generates sales of over EUR 60m.


Founded in 2020, Tyym AG is based in Zug. This start-up company aims to fill gaps which various projects have identified in the Swiss market.



The following principles define the heart of our business:
  • 1

    Quality. At the heart of our work is our belief in quality and the conviction that quality creates lasting added value for our customers. Enjoyment, in everyday life, for everyone – that is what we strive for.

  • 2

    Passion. What drives our work forward is our passion for taste, for quality food, for our customers and markets. We draw our creative strength from our belief in the power of innovation and continuous development.

  • 3

    Performance orientation. Our thinking, actions and planning are aimed at achieving lasting commercial success for our subsidiaries and the holding company in general.

  • 4

    Targeted structuring. By developing and optimising internal structures and processes, we improve operational procedures at each company, conserve resources and gain speed. Synergies between companies are identified and exploited. By doing so, we create security and continuity for all our stakeholders.


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NORD Holding

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«I believe in targeted investment in quality and sustainability as well as in the success of continuous progress.»

Marco Martelli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDAK Holding